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HTTYD Golphin: Life-Saver! by TheDaybringer HTTYD Golphin: Life-Saver! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 4 0 HTTYD: Catastrophic Quaken! by TheDaybringer HTTYD: Catastrophic Quaken! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 1 HTTYD: Snifflehunch! by TheDaybringer HTTYD: Snifflehunch! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 HTTYD: BigBite the Snaptdo! by TheDaybringer HTTYD: BigBite the Snaptdo! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 4 0 HTTYD Timberjack: JumberLack! by TheDaybringer HTTYD Timberjack: JumberLack! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 2 0 HTTYD: Grapple Grounder! by TheDaybringer HTTYD: Grapple Grounder! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 4 0 Orange, the stray! by TheDaybringer Orange, the stray! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 1 2 Kirby + HTTYD Super Ability: Starstruck Gemridge! by TheDaybringer Kirby + HTTYD Super Ability: Starstruck Gemridge! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 Kirby + HTTYD Fan Ability: Gemridge! by TheDaybringer Kirby + HTTYD Fan Ability: Gemridge! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 HTTYD Shovelhelm: Smash-Hit! by TheDaybringer HTTYD Shovelhelm: Smash-Hit! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 2 0 HTTYD Fan Dragon: Titan HangTail! by TheDaybringer HTTYD Fan Dragon: Titan HangTail! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 HTTYD: Titan Shellfire by TheDaybringer HTTYD: Titan Shellfire :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 Kirby: Magolor Soul.... by TheDaybringer Kirby: Magolor Soul.... :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 0 HTTYD: Gobsucker......eeh?... by TheDaybringer HTTYD: Gobsucker......eeh?... :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 6 0 HTTYD Fan Dragon: BladeWing! by TheDaybringer HTTYD Fan Dragon: BladeWing! :iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 3 5
OC Meme!
Yes, because I'm that sort of person, and I need to tell you how much of my characters are made of up of whom....not sure if that was grammatically sound but who cares, I can't edit this once it's up.
Samuel "Day" Persson
Myself: Day was always sort of a self insert, even in the days before he was actually Day Persson. He gets a lot of my personality and well...let's face it he looks like me if I exercised more and grew a goatee.
Tony Stark (Marvel Movieverse): I had always admired RDJ, not just for his role as Iron Man, but all around in general. Day gets much of his tinkering habits and unfortunate recklessness from him. But, he does get the upside of being a great guy to be long as you aren't around when there's a fight.
Hiccup Haddock III: Day gets his knack for training dragons from, you guessed it. Hiccup. This is also where the second half of his inventor habits come from. And his ability to be a great leader.
Eragon (From the books, the movie was stupid and everyon
:iconthedaybringer:TheDaybringer 1 0


Rhydren by ItsKikoLynn Rhydren :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 6 0 DBZ 3D printed Goku  by ItsKikoLynn DBZ 3D printed Goku :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 4 0 DBZ Vegeta statue by ItsKikoLynn DBZ Vegeta statue :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 3 0 DBZ vinyl POPs by ItsKikoLynn DBZ vinyl POPs :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 3 0 DBZ cap by ItsKikoLynn DBZ cap :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 3 0 DBZ Goku shirt Kaioken by ItsKikoLynn DBZ Goku shirt Kaioken :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 2 0 DBZ Vegeta 9000 shirt by ItsKikoLynn DBZ Vegeta 9000 shirt :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 3 1 DBZ All star shirt by ItsKikoLynn DBZ All star shirt :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 2 1 Vegetarian Sweater! by ItsKikoLynn Vegetarian Sweater! :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 2 0 Drem From Enclosed Perimeters! by ItsKikoLynn Drem From Enclosed Perimeters! :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 4 5 Rythick by ItsKikoLynn Rythick :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 5 0 Genepeg Mem by ItsKikoLynn Genepeg Mem :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 3 0 GENEPEG IN A BESKET by ItsKikoLynn GENEPEG IN A BESKET :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 7 2 Kathrine-H...Help... by ItsKikoLynn Kathrine-H...Help... :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 7 16 Ichirou-Swimming by ItsKikoLynn Ichirou-Swimming :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 9 0 Vai by ItsKikoLynn Vai :iconitskikolynn:ItsKikoLynn 6 4


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Day Persson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I like to RP and Draw Dragons

n.n my lil kiko:

My co-worker with dragons:…


HTTYD Golphin: Life-Saver!
(Yes, it's a book dragon. One of my favorites. I'm sorely disappointed that the movies didn't add any of them)

This dragon has always been there whenever Day's fallen into one knows why, but it happens.
HTTYD: BigBite the Snaptdo!
So this is a very different one. I decided to draw a concept dragon, more specifically the Snaptdo. It just seems to be an interesting dragon for me. Not sure why, but it is.

BigBite is the ever loyal guard dragon of the Mountain. No one gets past him!
HTTYD Timberjack: JumberLack!
Kiko's idea for the name o-o
This Timberjack loves hanging around Day for some reason. No one really knows why!


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